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Cable RG-59 Combo Coaxial + Power PROLINK

25,00 ден
Specifications Professional quality RG59 siamese cable by Nordstrand for use with most CCTV camera systems, including surviellance cameras Each reel

Adapter Scart to Pin Bidirectional

100,00 ден
Specifications: Connect DVD players, VCRs, video game consoles, etc to TVs with scart inputs. Dual way operation with easy and

Adapter HDMI to HDMI F-F

100,00 ден
Specifications: IN THE BOX: 1-pack of 29 x 22mm HDMI female-to-female couplers for connecting two HDMI A Male to A

Cable PIN / PIN 3-3

130,00 ден
Suitable For: Connects portable audio video devices with the common RCA composite video stereo audio port to a TV,AV receiver, amplifier,projector,radio,car audio,Hi Fi stereo audio system,home theater system,computer sound,recording equipment,speaker and more.

Cable HDMI 1m

130,00 ден
CC-HDMI4L-1M High speed HDMI cable with ethernet, 1 m, CCS Features: High Speed HDMI cable with Ethernet Supports 4K UHD

Cable Scart 1,5m

150,00 ден
Specifications – SCART Plug to SCART plug cable – 1.8 Meter length – 21 Pins

Adapter DVI to VGA

150,00 ден
Supports dual-link and single-link. Optimise laptop-to-projector connections. Meet the requirements of digital video.

Adapter HDMI F to DVI M

150,00 ден
HDMI to DVI adapter, HDMI-female Easily convert HDMI into DVI Gold plated contacts for a perfect connection Features HDMI (A